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Alcoa® Wheels wheels do not only differ from steel wheels through their outstanding properties, they also set themselves apart from all conventional aluminum wheels through their advantages.

Perfection in every detail

Alcoa® Wheels rims get their strength because they are forged in one piece from a block of aluminum using a high-quality process. The subsequent surface treatment completes the list of exclusive properties that make this unique wheel. Due to the high quality, the manufacturer grants a five-year unlimited mileage guarantee!!

Compared to steel wheels, Alcoa® Wheels alloy rims are:

LighterGewichteinsparung Massevergleich

  • Increased payload due to lower dead weight
  • lower unsprung masses reduce wear on the wheel suspension and shock absorbers
  • Less inertia can save up to 2.5% diesel.
  • higher driving comfort
  • Up to 47% savings per wheel, depending on the wheel size
  • Weight savings of between 228 and 394 kg per truck / trailer combination


  • unique, unsurpassed forging strength
  • high strength, five times stronger than steel
  • Corrosion-resistant and easy to care for

More profitable

  • longer service life for tires and brakes
  • Protected suspension due to lower mass
  • better heat dissipation through aluminum
  • Hubcaps or paintwork are a thing of the past
  • unsurpassed service life of up to 20 years

More innovative and more beautiful

  • Dura-Bright® EVO - the shiny one
    with a shiny, resistant surface
  • LvL ONE® - the elegant one
    Elegant and inexpensive
  • Brushed - the subtle one
    cheapest aluminum rim with all Alcoa® Wheels advantages
  • Dura-Flange® - the robust one
    for a longer service life under extreme conditions
  • WorkHorse - the real workhorse
    closed for construction vehicles with disc brakes
  • FrontRunner - easy to steer
    Innovation for the front axle

Additional advantages

  • Aluminum dissipates heat 3 times better than steel, which means that the operating temperature for tires and brakes is lower
  • Better concentricity through production on CNC machines compared to punched and welded steel wheels
  • Reduction of CO₂ emissions. By replacing 12 steel wheels, up to 13.3 tons of CO₂ can be reduced (over the entire service life of the wheels, approx. 1.5 million km)
  • Cradle-to-Cradle certification proves the environmentally intelligent design credibly and comprehensibly
  • More payload. Amortization in two or fewer years for trips that are permanently at full capacity
  • Alcoa® Wheels rims greatly improve the appearance of the vehicle and add value
  • Aluminum is completely recyclable