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Das Alcoa® Wheels Fleet Service Center is an Alcoa® Wheel Products Europe initiative for fleets and entrepreneurs. The center provides direct service and assists fleets with technical support and customer service.

The center can be contacted for:

  • Technical support and customer service
  • Maintenance and cleaning of Alcoa® Wheels wheels
  • Information about additional products and accessories for Alcoa® Wheels

Rims that have to be checked due to complaints or that have been withdrawn from the market can be reported using the wheel return form. To enable processing, all necessary details must be entered and sent to the Fleet Service Center.



Form Complaints

Alcoa® Wheels products are characterized by their exceptional quality. If you still have a reason to complain about an Alcoa® Wheels product, please use the manufacturer's complaint form directly.



Information Sheet

You can see the procedure for processing complaints on the information sheet.