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Alcoa Dura-Flange<sup>®</sup>

Alcoa® Wheels Dura-Flange® aluminum rims are subjected to a treatment method that prevents wear and tear on the heavily used rim flange. This unique process ensures reliable use of the wheels even in highly stressed environments such as those often found in timber transporters. The service life of the Alcoa® Wheels Dura-Flange® rims is at least twice as long as that of other aluminum rims under the same conditions.

No signs of wear and tear

The practical test has proven that Alcoa® Wheels Dura-Flange® wheels show no signs of wear on the rim flange even after more than 350,000 km. This makes them ideally suited for the transport of heavy and tipping-prone loads that could cause the wheel bead to press against the rim flange.

  • Transport under extreme conditions, e.g. B. in mining
  • Heavy transport, e.g. B. of wood
  • Tanker in the field, e.g. B. with local milk collection, fuel delivery
  • Public buses

The advantages are apparent:

  • increased service life due to less wear and tear
  • better performance
  • higher productivity

cleverly combined with Dura-Bright®

In combination with the Dura-Bright® EVO surface treatment, which gets a shiny surface without repolishing, the Alcoa® Wheels Dura-Bright®/Dura-Flange® wheel stands for maximum service life with a permanently shiny appearance.